First Android Based Smartphone Approved

First Android Based Smartphone Approved:
The Federal Communications Commission on Monday gave Taiwan-based HTC approval to operate the Android-based smartphone in the U.S. in head-to-head competition with Apple’s popular iPhone and its App Store.
Few details about the phone have been made public because of a confidentially request filed by HTC which asked the FCC to keep several details about the device confidential until Nov. 10. In a written request dated June 18, Dalton Chuang, a senior manager at HTC, asked the FCC to protect “system and equipment description” because public disclosure of the details might be harmful to the company and “would give unfair competitor advantage in the market.”
There are a few things, however, that have been leaked about the smartphone that will use the Google-backed Android operating system.
The Dream, according to published reports, will support T-Mobile’s 3G network, will have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.O, and is three inches wide by five inches long. Additional specs include a large touchscreen with haptic (touch) feedback, a QWERTY keypad, and Internet navigation controls below the touchscreen.
IBB consulting analyst Moe Tanabian told BusinessWeek that T-Mobile will include an application store similar to Apple’s App Store. Tanabian, who could not be reached for comment, also said the phone will come preinstalled with Google’s ad software and customers who opt to receive ads from Google may be given discounted monthly fees or a discount on the purchase.
Calls to HTC’s U.S. headquarters were not returned in time for publication.
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